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With our accumulated knowledge and ideas with chemicals, we create solutions which contribute to a better society.

Our History

American GCI Resitop, Inc. (A-GCI) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Gun Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (GCI), based in Japan. GCI is the manufacturer of high performance glucose and chemical products, including phenolic resins, which are used in the electronics, automotive, and housing industries. GCI is also the manufacturer of Kynol, generally known as novoloid fiber. In 2018, A-GCI was founded in Chicago, IL, to establish a presence in the United States, and to better satisfy our large customer demographic across the world.



1946    Foundation of Gunma Nutrition and Medicine in Japan

1953    Change of company name to Gun Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

1990    Foundation of Thai GCI Resitop Co., Ltd. in a joint venture in Thailand for manufacturing and selling phenolic resins

1998    ISO9002 Certificate (Current: ISO9001) of GCI

1999    ISO14001 Certificate of GCI

2012    Foundation of India GCI Resitop Pvt. Ltd. in a joint venture in India for manufacturing and selling RCS (Resin-Coated Sand)

2013    FCCS22000 Certificate of GCI

2018    Foundation of American GCI Resitop, Inc. in the U.S. for selling phenolic resins

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A message from our President

Juzo Arita


At American GCI Resitop, Inc., we utilize GCI group’s unique products and technologies to develop solutions for customers’ needs and maintain the GCI philosophy of “bettering society by creating solutions with our accumulated knowledge and ideas about chemicals.” With our thorough knowledge of the market landscape and years of chemical expertise, we will continue our mission to further contribute to society and achieve our vision of “green” chemistry.